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Cost of Cars

Cost of cars overview

As decided by Finansinspektion, the cost of cars shall be taken into account both for Left to Live (LTL), Pre Approval (PA) and Loan Application (LA). This has not been possible in the API before but will be possible as of Q2 2022. Cost of cars, in the API called cars_information, will now be given as optional input parameters in LTL/PA/LA.

If the applicants have no cars, input is given exactly as before in LTL/PA/LA.

If the applicants own at least one car or lease at least one car, this information shall be given as input parameters in LTL/PA/LA.

Cost of cars is included in the request objects of LTL/PA/LA:

  • CalcLeftToLive (shown as mortgages.left-to-live in swagger)
  • PreApprovalLoanApplication (shown as mortgages.pre-approval in swagger)
  • LoanApplication (shown as mortgages.loan-application in swagger)

Cost of cars is given as a list of all owned cars and a list of all leased cars considered for all applicants.

Each owned car has a loan_amount between 0 and 500 000 SEK.

Each owned car is given a standard cost per month of 1300 SEK in all calculations.

Even if the loan_amount is 0, i.e. no car loan exists, the car cost is taken into account in all calculations.

If the loan_amount is greater than zero, this will be mapped to a blanco loan of the same amount in all calculations.

Each leased car has a monthly_cost, max 99 999 SEK, where the value is used as is in all calculations.

Adding cost of cars information might of course result in a rejected LTL/PA/LA flow compared to a identical successful request in the same flow but without cost of cars.

Cost of cars example

An example of cost of cars, shown as cars_information in the json below looking the same for LTL/PA/LA. In the example one leased and two owned cars belong to all the applicants:

{ ... "cars_information": { "leased": [ { "monthly_cost": 1500 } ], "owned": [ { "loan_amount": 0 }, { "loan_amount": 75000 } ] }, ... }

This cost of cars information will sum up to a total monthly cost of 1500 + 1300 + 1300 = 4100 SEK used in the calculation.

One extra blanco loan of 75 000 SEK will also be added to other given kept blanco loans in the application.