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We believe in innovation, transparency and cooperation. With the power of our APIs we can co-create the future of household finances. Let’s build stuff!

Why we exist and why we want to share

We believe in better housing economy

We have one focus: to offer Sweden's best mortgages to our customers - current as well as future ones. No matter if the customer contacts us directly or through a selected partner - we always do our utmost to make the customer feel safe through what is usually one of the biggest transactions of their life. Through transparency and collaboration with innovative companies in the market, we can continue the journey towards our goal: to contribute to better housing and housing economics.

Open banking

At SBAB we don’t mind a good challenge. Transparency and the will to disrupt given truths is in our DNA. Traditional banking is transforming rapidly in the direction of Open Banking, and we are a part of this movement. The best way to get satisfied customers is, of course, to offer good products and to distribute them in the right way.

So once again: Let’s do Open Banking. Together!

Some of our API’s

  • Free to use
  • Ok for commercial use
  • Well-documented
Payment Initiation

PIS allows you to initiate and confirm credit transfers via Dataclearing.

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An API handling all things related to authentication and Authorization.

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Account information

AIS gives easy access to a verified SBAB customers available accounts and information such as balances and transactions.

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A bag full of goodies! A custom API that fill your needs when creating the products of future household finances.

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The SBAB Open API, all services which are open and do not require any authentication whatsoever.

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Provides support for users to sign documents and agreements digitally, via integration with BankID.

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