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Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

PIS offers APIs for PSD2 clients to perform payments and recurring payment transfers in Swedish Krona. Since the operations involve monetary transfers from a user's account, most operations require user signing with BankID.

API Features:

  • Fund confirmation to verify if available funds cover a given transfer amount
  • Transfer funds between Swedish accounts
  • Instant fund transfer between SBAB accounts
  • Managing recurring transfers (creation, listing and removal)
  • Manage recurring recipients details

For details about required authentication and applicable restrictions, read the authorization section.

Test the API

Flow description

The flow for both transfers and recurring transfers are the same and follows the steps below:

  • Get the user accounts from AIS (or obtain the account numbers directly from the PSU)
  • Initiate transfers with one of the account numbers from the response of the previous step, and you'll receive a reference_id as part of the the response.
    Please note that a mandatory Header PSU-IP-Address is required for the signing initiation. Both IPv4 and IPv6 formats are supported in PSU-IP-Address.
    Consecutive attempts to initiate a new signing, for the same user with changing PSU-IP-Address values within a time span of approximately 3 minutes, will result in blocking of the BankID for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Wait for the user to sign the transfer with BankID
    • Transfers between own accounts do not require any signing
    • In the Sandbox environment, BankID user signing is mocked with a special call that simulates that user signing is done
  • Use the reference_id to check the status of the transfer
    • In the Sandbox the status of the transfer will be completed immediately but in production it will have an intermediate status called processing as the backend will take some time to process the transfer