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Enterprise API

Enterprise API refers to additional secured APIs outside the scope of PSD2. The API basically divides between fetching loan information for existing SBAB customers and sending pre-approvals, loan applications and other support services around these flows.


  • Individual mortgage rates
  • Loan information
  • Loan calculation
  • Pre approval
  • Morgage application (including support services)
  • Signing (1.0 API is now available for signing loan applications with BankID)

For details about required authentication and applicable restrictions, read the authorization section.

And for clarity in this section, companies whose utilize this API will be referred as "partner", systems of the partner that interact with this API will be referred as "clients" and end-users of the partner systems will be referred as "applicants" in the mortgage application API or "participants" in the signing API.

Test the API

Available flows

There are three available flows in the Enterprise API:

These flows are an integral to the communication with SBAB when using the Enterprise API. Please take your time to read through each one before proceeding.


Since digital signing of mortgage applications with BankID is mandatory to our partners, the Sandbox 1.0 API now requires a signature from the main applicant.

The old 1.0 flow without digital signatures has been removed.

Also, since the Sandbox environment does not include real BankID integration, there is an endpoint to simulate the action of the user signing the application in their BankID app. To further facilitate testing, the expiration date of applications is set to 15 minutes in this environment. Please check the Sandbox environment for further details.

Please note that the Mortgage application 2.0 API uses the Signing 1.0 API in contrast to the Mortgage application 1.0 API.

Future signings

Only a signature from the main applicant is presently required for the application to proceed although in the future an application will require signatures from all applicants.

This modification will be in due time notified to all our partners, so they can have the time to adapt their integrations to our API.