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Change log


2022-05-02 PIS, PSD2

Removed functionality for updating a recurring transfer.

2022-03-28 Enterprise

Added new cost of cars information as decided by Finansinspektionen that applies to both Left to Live, Pre Approval and Loan Application. Read more in the cost of cars section.

2021-02-08 Enterprise

Added Loan Application digital signing support.

2020-02-24 AUTH, PSD2

2020-09-24 AUTH, AIS, PIS, PSD2, Enterprise

Updated content in all parts.

2020-02-24 AUTH, PSD2

Remove fallback solution.

2019-07-03 AUTH, AIS, PIS

Made it possible to add a root issuer certificate used in MTLS.

2019-07-02 ENT

Added message handling on a loan-application. For more information, please read enterprise documentation.

2019-06-20 AUTH, AIS, PIS

Change of paths for psd2. For more information, please read auth documentation.

2019-06-11 AUTH

Authentication endpoints updated for both live data and sandbox. Authentication redirect flow removed and use of BankID autostart token introduced as a replacement. Scopes in authenticate requests now possible as well as using PSD2 test certificate in sandbox in order to test same flow as in our production environment. Documentation is updated accordingly and also have curl examples of the authentication flow.

2019-03-07 The SBAB Developer portal is published.

2019-02-07 The SBAB Open Banking API is published.